How to Have Sex Safely When Pregnant

There is really no written rule that prohibits couple to have sex during pregnancy but in some culture it is strictly prohibited. Doctors will not prohibit you from doing it especially if there is no complication with your pregnancy. There are some which have their own reasons as to why they abstain from having sex when their partner is already showing. Mostly men decide to prohibit from doing the act while there are some women that will have higher libido when they are pregnant.

As long as two parties are willing to try out I know that girl free videos and have sex there are a lot of ways that you can do to enjoy the experience.

50aa60986fddaRisk Involved in Having Sex While Pregnant
There is really no specific risk listed to having sex while pregnant but there are some that believes it could affect the unborn baby inside. But actually no harm will come to the baby since it is protected with amniotic fluids inside the mother’s womb. This will keep all possible infection out of the way.

This is limited with women that have healthy pregnancy. But once you are having difficulty already you might want to consult with your doctor first if certain action would tend to do more harm than good.

How to do it Safely
It is important for men to know when the perfect timing to have sex with your pregnant partner is. Remember that the first trimester will be the most difficult part for women when pregnant. They often feel nauseous and sick. They most likely have low sex drive because of this. Most women suffer from morning sickness during the first three months of the pregnancy. The moment they reach their second trimester, women’s sex drive will be at its highest and this is the best time to try and ask your partner if they are up for it.

50aa686c55e02The men need to be in control and they need to make sure that their pregnant partner will not have a hard time during sex. You need to do all the necessary adjust because your partner is already having a hard time carrying an extra weight on their tummy. The position that you will use can do a lot of difference in insuring that both parties enjoy the act together. You try on looking for different safe and simple ways to be able to successfully be satisfied and also let your partner enjoy the night as well.

Not known to many having sex while pregnant can in fact help inducing labor especially with women who are now late on their due date. There are some doctor that will recommend for a couple to have sex when the pregnant woman is having problem getting into labor.

Just be careful in doing the act for the first time. It is important that you know what to do and how to support your partner once you decide to have your special night even when she is in her final trimester. But if you can wait for more than nine months without having sex then so be it.

How do You Ask For Oral Sex With Your Partner?

Oral sex is not very common and not all couple does it. There’s a different sensation that this act provides unlike having an actual sex. It is important that both of you are willing to commit to the act so that you can both enjoy the moment.

You probably got the idea from the povporn movie you’ve watched or a novel you’ve read on how to do it but you are quite hesitant that your partner might not be up for it. There are different ways that you can try on hinting them that you want to have oral sex.

50a14a6a9a80aEase Your Way to it
Doing it for the first time there is surely a lot of things that you need to work on. Don’t you rush things because this might end up in disaster. Just try to start slow, just like kissing your partner all the way down there and pausing a little while checking if they will permit you to continue with what you plan. If you have a go signal then start doing what you have learned. Try to sense which part your partner liked the best. Doing it for the first time might make your partner shy into admitting that they enjoyed it. So try to work slowly so that it will be easy for you to know which part gives the most pleasure to your partner.

Then after you got them well satisfied try to hint that it’s their time to return the favor. Make gestures that will make them understand that you are waiting for them to repay you for the pleasure you have provided. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go too well the first time you did it there are other time that you can try again until your both are comfortable with naughtyoffice.

50a14a8f69a3dRelax & Just Let it Happen When It’s Right
Don’t pressure yourself too much in doing it because it usually takes away the fun of the act. Just know when it’s the right time and then try to work your way to it. You can read some tips on how you can successfully perform it with your partner for the first time or you can also work on it together. You can try on doing it to her one time and then ask her to do it for you the next time you have. Once you both find your partner’s G spot try to focus on it. Make her enjoy what you do so that she will ask for it more often. And she will be inspired of returning the favor to you if you ask for it.

Just enjoy and don’t worry if oral sex doesn’t work for you there are other ways that you can try out to ensure that you will get the most pleasure as possible. You can try out different position and see which one you like best. Make sure that you listen to your partner also and not just focus on your own enjoyment. Remember both of you are involve in this act together.